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Pitok, Sydney based artist, designer, creator, works in gouache a bright lurid medium of pure pigment. It’s fast drying and colours can easily be layered. It forces you move quickly and not labour too long with your art making. By day John stares at a computer screen and pushes pixels around. Painting is analogue and fuzzy, there is no undo button. He draws diverse inspiration from geek culture, abstract and pop Australiana as well as classic and contemporary Japanese art making.

Studied Bachelor of Digital Media (UNSW Australia Art and Design)

Studied Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, Visual Arts (UTS)

2005 - current
Professional experience, Art Direct / Digital Designer

2013 - 2015
Lived in Yokohama, Japan

2017 Aug
Exhibited artwork ‘Lampersand’, Glebe Artshow http://www.glebeartshow.org.au/2017-glebe-art-show-1

2017 Sept
Exhibited artwork ‘Two Beans Upward’, Traces II exhibition http://www.belconnenartscentre.com.au/exhibitions/traces-ii/

2017 Oct - Nov
Works Exhbited at ‘Hypmotive Hub’, Marrickville, as part of the Marrickvill Festival http://hypmotive.com/events/marrickville-festival-2017/

2017 Nov
Participated in ‘Meet the Makers’ Hypmotive Hub Unique Market Place http://hypmotive.com/events/unique-marketplace-weekend/

2018 Jan
Established personal art studio at Monster Mouse Studios, Marrickville http://monstermouse.org

2018 Feb
Stallholder at Glebe Marketshttp://glebemarkets.com.au

2018 Apr
Exhibiting artist at showcase event Magnify by RAW Artists http://www.rawartists.org/sydney/magnify

2018 May
Works Exhbited at The Works Showroom, Glebehttp://worksshowroom.com